Are you an expert in English? Maybe you’re not sure but you would like to see how good you are. Maybe you just need a certificate for a job or a degree you are applying to. Well, don’t look further, we have exciting news for you. There is a new and improved exam from Cambridge Assessment English called Linguaskill that will do exactly what the name says: it will certify your knowledge of the English Lingua. If you got a bit confused with that last word, let me explain: Lingua is not a real word in English. It is Latin for “Language” and it is still used in some languages.

What Is Linguaskill?

Linguaskill is a fully online English test that can be taken from home, an office, or pretty much anywhere, as long as you have a computer, a connection to the internet and a set of headphones. You can do it for your own purposes but it can also be administered by an organisation or university that you are applying to.

Which Institutions Accept Linguaskill?

This exam is growing in popularity. This is mainly due to its convenience and ease in comparison with some other English exams which we will talk more about later. For that reason, more and more work, education and other institutions are beginning to accept the exam. As for educational institutions, one good example is the ‘Tecnológico de Monterrey’, a Mexican University, which has implemented it to new students in order to assess their English level. You can find more places which accept the exam here:

Which Level Should I Take?

You might at this point be asking: do I need to know beforehand which Linguaskill exam level I should take? The answer to this question is “No way Jose”. As it is a multi-level test, the exam will simply tell you your level. Hmmmm, how does that work? Well, it’s very clever actually, by using artificial intelligence, the system adjusts the questions as you answer them. For example, when you get a question right, the next question will be harder. After a certain number of questions, the system is then able to qualify your skills and translate it into a grade. Are you as excited as I am to know more about the specific Linguaskill questions? Good! Let’s give you an extra hand with that.